Hi, I’m Ohad.

I’m a Game Developer. Designer. Entrepreneur.


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Currently producing and designing a new upcoming Rovio game within Side-Kick. It’s already kicking ass.

During 2014 I teamed up with friends to form a new game studio called New Legends, focusing on designing and developing new eSports mobile games. You can get a glimpse into the operation and check out the deck we used for our seed round over here.

Ex-Mytopia. A social/mobile game developer which was founded in 2006 and was acquired by 888 Holdings in mid 2010. My last position was COO & Chief Creative, which I took following the acquisition. Prior and during the acquisition process I was the General Manager. During the years Mytopia was still known as Real Dice I’ve also filled the roles of a game programmer and lead (=only) game designer in the company.

Before Mytopia I was Co-Founder and CEO of Deepmist Studios, a mobile game development studio, working in the j2me era. It was the first studio I ever founded, with a friend from the Computer Graphics research lab in university.

Also founded and was the Editor of Mobile Game Developer magazine (MobileGD), which used to be a very popular web magazine for, well, developers of mobile games.

I developed and oversaw development of both independent and branded games, in cooperation with companies such as DreamWorks SKG, MGA, Orange, Showtime, Lionsgate and others. Worked of titles that took a week for two people from design to final build, as well as titles that took over a year and dozens of people. I personally prefer the projects that are in the middle or closer to the indie ones. The sooner you publish the faster you can get to optimize the game for the players, and that’s the part I enjoy the most.

I have deep roots in the Demo Scene, and was the main organizer of the Movement demo parties in Israel during 1995-1998. I was also part of the organizing team of Assembly demo party in Finland back in the days.

Last, I was part of the founding academic staff of the Game Studies program in Beit Berl College and an active instructor for 6 years. These days I’m a Mentor in the Computer Games program in the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya.



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I’m always happy to meet new people and share experience. I’m also always happy when people buy me coffee.

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Official Bio (current for Oct 2015):

“A seasoned veteran in the game industry, with expertise in f2p game design/monetization. Currently Producer/Designer at Side-Kick, working on a new upcoming Rovio title. Previously headed Mytopia before and during the acquisition by 888, continued as COO/Chief Creative post acquisition. Developed games with and for Dreamworks, MGA, Showtime, Liongate & BWin. Participated in several academic game programs, currently mentor in the game program of IDC. Founding member of GameIS, the Israeli game industry association.”

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