Not only eSports – How To Design Games That Are Fun To Watch

During Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2015 I gave this 20 minutes talk. It introduces the Game-Watching trend and gives some quick tips for game developers & designers on how to make games fun to watch, not only fun to play.

You can also download the full slides here.

20 minutes are not enough to really cover the subject, of course, so I had to be very brief. However, I got some good feedback after the talk with some people asking to elaboraate on some of the points. I’m considering it for my next talk.

if you have any questions of feedback feel free to contact me or write me on twitter.


Some very interesting stats regarding big spenders on mobile games were published recently by NewZoo. The data clearly shows how massive Youtube/Twitch videos and streams are as a distribution chaannel – 90% of the big spenders on mobile watch these. You can understand the importance of these channels yourselves.