Why and How Humans run the world – and why entrepreneurs should care

Humans run this planet because we can make large groups of other humans work for the same goal. And we get that by telling them a convincing story and get them all live by that story. This is how we changed from an insignificant population to the creatures who run the planet (for better or worse).

Becoming a successful entrepreneur relys on your ability to make a story a big group of people believe in and are ready the follow. The more people you can get to follow the story – the bigger impact you’re going to make. You want to change the world with your company or organization? Make sure to have a good story and a good storyteller (even if it’s someone else on your team).

And remember – moving a lot of people to a single direction can cause harm as well, so be responsible, and if you DO manage to get them moving, make it a good change.




[Mostly a note to self for whenever I get fed up talking with people and want to get back to design/code things]