Space Ape’s Samurai Siege Analytics Stack

The guys at Space Ape (developers of Samurai Siege and the in-soft-launch Rival Kingdoms) have published a presentation detailing the technical architecture of their game as well as more details. This is an excellent reference to anyone doing serious, heavy f2p games.

To give some context to people who don’t know the game, Samurai Siege is a Mobile real time strategy (Clash of Clans type) running on iOS and Android. Initial version was developed in 6 months by team of 12. It went live on October 2013 and currently have 11 Millions Installs, 1.2 Million MAU and 250K DAU. Space Ape reports $23M in Gross Revenue by end of February 2015.

If you can’t download the PDF from Slideshare, you can do it from my mirrored copy (19 MB).