Awesome The Room sales infographic from Fireproof Games

The Fireproof Games games published this infographic covering sales data of The Room and The Room 2 games.

It’s serves as a reminder that while free-2-play titles make most of the money, there is still quite a bit of money to be made in the paid games model if your game fit that better. Fireproof Games had only 4 guys working on the first The Room game, and 9 guys working on the 2nd. The games generated ~$6.7M sales on iOS alone (my calc based on the data).

I have to say that The Room games are a fine example of how choosing the right business model for your game is essential. Not every game and not every developer needs to follow the Free-2-Play model. You don’t have to compromise the type of game you want to make, you do, however, need to find how to make revenue.

Last thing – I’m one of these people who bought both games and had lots of fun playing them. They’re great and I’m always happy good developers are earning what they deserve. Kudos, Fireproof Games.

The Room 1 + 2 Sales Infographic

(Full image here)

  • didda

    These games are indeed awesome, but trust me, not all “paid” games makes that money.