Social Casino Numbers – Infographic

A really interesting infographic from SuperData covering Social Casino ( =slots) games.

Slotomania is estimated to generate $10.74M a month, which together with Caesars Casino means Playtika enjoys an estimated rev of $13.55M per month (or $162.6M a year). Not bad at all and definitely proving to be an excellent buy for Caesars. It’s not Clash of Clans (~$1.4M a day) or Puzzles and Dragons (~$2.5M a day), but the social casino genre is also a much less volatile one, with a considerably slower decay of retention.

The other guys are also doing very well, though it would have been interesting to see how much the guys at Plumbee are doing with Mirrorball Slots.

Hopefully next infographic I could also see my friends from Win Interactive having Slots Craze somewhere there at the top…

So, here’s the infographic:

The social casino segment has been a massive mover in the digital games space, and shows little sign of slowing down in the worldwide market. Indeed, projections through 2015 show some spectacular growth, especially in Asia. Because social casino represents such a unique genre, understanding the market and demographics is crucial. In conjunction with the Social Casino Gaming Summit, SuperData recently released an infographic with title-level revenues, market sizing and projections, and demographics of social casino players. Ahead of the Summit’s Las Vegas conference in June, the infographic offers a quantitative overview of this evolving area.

Social Casino Infographic, April 2013