What Metrics Are Important At Each Stage

There are countless articles and docs on the web arguing what are the most important KPIs to look at how this KPI is the single most important vs that other Read More

Space Ape’s Samurai Siege Analytics Stack

The guys at Space Ape (developers of Samurai Siege and the in-soft-launch Rival Kingdoms) have published a presentation detailing the technical architecture of their game as well as more details. Read More

Facebook – Flash Integration Example Code

Two weeks ago we decided to take our Forest Tribes: Rise of Heroes game prototype to Facebook. Eitan worked on making the AIR prototype work correctly as SWF, and I Read More

GDC Europe 2014 – Events

I’m going to attend GDC Europe and part of Gamescom on the 2nd week of August. Like everyone, I too made a list of events and parties taking place during Read More

Updating Your Investors and Board – Resources for Founders

As any good manager knows, making sure communication flows fluently between everyone in the organization is key to it’s success. This means communication between the different team members, between managers Read More

Ben’s 10 Lessons in making Free To Play games

3 days ago Ben Cousin posted a video of his lecture Ten Lessons From Ten Years Building Ten Free-To-Play Games, and it’s extremely good. He covers the fundamentals in a Read More

Awesome The Room sales infographic from Fireproof Games

The Fireproof Games games published this infographic covering sales data of The Room and The Room 2 games. It’s serves as a reminder that while free-2-play titles make most of Read More

Mozify – email on ACiD

While getting my regular saturday morning Twitter/Quibb fix, I came across this cool feature called Mozify from Email on Acid (email testing platform). While I didn’t try it yet (though Read More