19th Mar 2014

Awesome The Room sales infographic from Fireproof Games

The Fireproof Games games published this infographic covering sales data of The Room and The Room 2 games. It’s serves as a reminder that while free-2-play titles make most of...

04th Jan 2014
Email on ACiD

Mozify – email on ACiD

While getting my regular saturday morning Twitter/Quibb fix, I came across this cool feature called Mozify from Email on Acid (email testing platform). While I didn’t try it yet (though...

03rd Nov 2013

The Saga Framework – Part 2: Social Layer & Monetization

As discussed in the earlier part, King developed a framework which allows it to take promising games from their portal, and shape them to successful social and mobile games. The...

06th Oct 2013

The Saga Framework – Part 1: Game Flow

While many have analyzed King’s games for internal use (Jelly Splash, anyone?), I have yet seen an analysis covering all common design techniques and visual flow they used in their...

09th Apr 2013
Biz+Dez News Round

Biz+Dez News Round #1

Some game Business and Design links worth mentioning from the past few days. (These are usually sent to a small number of friends over email, but I thought of starting...

09th Apr 2013
Social Casino Infographic

Social Casino Numbers – Infographic

A really interesting infographic from SuperData covering Social Casino ( =slots) games. Slotomania is estimated to generate $10.74M a month, which together with Caesars Casino means Playtika enjoys an estimated...

10th Nov 2012

Problems on launch? 22cans excellent video

So, you’ve launched your new mega-hyped app. Instead of a few hundreds you got tens of thousands logins at the first day. and the second. and the third. Success!! Or...

06th Nov 2012

Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity: A Social Experiment

.   If you got to this page by following the link I carved into the cube, click here! Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Molyneux, the famous...